The Boss Mare

"I have compared you, my love, To my filly among Pharaoh's chariots. Your cheeks are lovely with ornaments Your neck with chains of gold."  Song of Solomon 1:9-10 Claiming the Song of Solomon You gave me such a long lead, Lord I see the destination in the distance And I am biting at the bit … Continue reading The Boss Mare


“We see a lot of young women who’ve been through the foster care system, been involved with child protective services, who’ve been runaways, who may have been homeless. Those are some of the very vulnerable populations, but really, it can happen to anybody.” Susan was sex trafficked as a minor by a boyfriend she loved, … Continue reading Susan


Marjorie was sex trafficked for seven years until she finally left her most abusive trafficker after seeing how the relationship was affecting their baby girl. She is now working on her higher education and is the founder of The Well Path, a recovery organization for those who have been sexually exploited. I wrote these poems … Continue reading Marjorie