Hello Beautiful

Here’s the two poems I stumbled across while looking for a story I’d written that God had told me to re-read. I finally have a vague recollection of writing them within a span of like 10 minutes while in a poetry class back in 2017. But it’s just so weird that they are titled the way they are (because Jesus calls me his “beautiful one” and his “beloved”), and that I “stumbled” upon it the day I was heading to LA to meet Jesus (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, here’s the video).

Hello beautiful

I made you to be perfect. I made you true to who you would become.
But you cannot be all I made you to be unless you trust me.
You might think I abandoned you, but never have I done that.
In all your pain and sorrow I have suffered with you:
It was you who rejected all the times I tried to comfort you

Even now you are rejecting me, scoffing, mocking
But if you call on me, I would be there, and would never fail you.
All it takes is your undoubting trust. Can you do it?
Can you believe that even in your worst moments I was watching
Crying and mourning too?
And can you believe I love YOU? You. You.
Everything you have done will be gone with this life, but You will remain.
And you are of me, and with me you will be free.

All things are possible, do not fail to believe.


To my beloved,

I have loved you all your life. I have watched you grow
Watched you laugh and learn and love
I have been with you every day, every moment
When you started stealing I cringed
When you lied and cheated and crushed another dreams,
I was the one you crushed, the one you left in tears
Does it make you happy to reject my love?

I know it does not, for I see your despair
Your worries and your wanderings
You seek the comfort of the temporary,
Solace in the arms of those things which
Could never love you the way I do.

You think because of what you have been through
There is no one to turn to but you. That isn’t true.
There is no one who knows you as I do.
You were made for me and no other
If you think I am mad when you turn to another,
Think of the worst time you were betrayed,
And see me as I watch you do the same
Over and over and over again.

And yet. I still stay by your side,
Waiting. Hoping. Willing
That you will one day turn to me and say
I love you too, and I will forever stay true to you

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