Discerning the Spirits: The Prince of this Nation

God has been showing me the faces of different spirits lately, and what I’ve noticed is that people who have strongholds of that particular spirit will display similar characteristics. For instance, the spirit of depression has a very downturned mouth, like a sad clown-face, so people who have that spirit will also at times display that facial expression. The spirit of deception has a mocking expression, kind of like a sneer (his actual face is like a monkey-troll—and he has a black tongue!!). The list goes on. Maybe I’ll write a detailed list one day.

But really, I wanted to share a crazy encounter I had on Friday night.

This whole weekend there were wonderful prophetic speakers at the Fire and Glory DECREE conference, with Heart of God Church in Rancho Bernardo, and after hearing guest speaker Doug Addison prophesy that we would start seeing the heavenly realm on Friday, that night I actually did enter the throne room while praying.

I was only there long enough to realize it wasn’t the first time I’d been there, when I suddenly saw this spirit charging toward me. He was very thick and muscular, with a body that was like a centaur (but instead of a horse body, it was more oxen-like), and on his head was a unicorn. His face was SO furious, and I saw him swing his head and use his horn to sever my connection to the throne room. Instantly I was out of my prayer trance, and actually craving my cell phone (which I’ll address soon), but I could still see the spirit—and when he saw I could see him he instantly tried to turn himself invisible, but I could still see his outline as he raced back to where he came from.

I then asked God, “Who is he?” and God said, “The spirit of division, the prince of this nation.” And suddenly all the unicorn symbolism we see nowadays made so much sense! Of course this spirit would want people brandishing his emblem, worshipping him in a way. And our nation is obviously politically divided, but it’s more than that. He divides families, ethnic groups, and as with my encounter, Christians from experiencing deeper revelations with God. The main way he’s doing that is with technology and social media, hence my instant craving to just hold my phone!

But God also provided me with how to fight back! On Saturday night God woke me around 12 a.m. and I couldn’t sleep for the longest time. Finally, as I was praying, God spoke to me and said: “Tell them it’s by faith,” and I immediately saw the spirit of division again. This time as he was trying to sever a portal to heaven, his horn just kept hitting it and making a loud “THUNK” sound, like he was hitting it against a pole.

Imagine the portals like those rainbow beams in Star Trek when they would say, “Beam me up Scotty!” But narrower, like pipelines. I realized that the first one was like a fine mist: very non-corporeal and easily cut through. But the second portal I saw was so strong that no matter how many times unicorn dude tried to swat through it, it was like he was ramming against steel!

I just felt it was really important to share this so we can actually expose this spirit and start fighting back! Plus as believers we have been given the keys to the Kingdom, and God actually wants us to enter in and fellowship with Him!

Now let’s go trash all the unicorn stuff lying around our homes and kick some demon butt!

On that note, here’s a song I wrote on Saturday night that I think I’ll title BATTLE CRY! 😀

My God, Conquerer!
My God, Deliverer!
My God of wild heart,
Imparting your presence in me

I believe in your promise,
I believe in your grace,
All the heavens are watching
As we run this wild race
A mad dash till we finish
Guide us as we go

Leaping over mountains
Nothing is too high
Treading on the scorpions
Stab the enemy in the eye!!

Trample him under our feet!!!

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