For The Things of God Should Not Be Hidden

Last September I had a pretty crazy vision/revelation, and due to recent events I’m finally sharing it.

In my vision I saw the little brown hand of a black boy cover mine, and I thought “Aww,” but as my eyes followed up his arm, I saw the boy was covered in boils and sores. Then I turned my head to the right and saw a whole group of black people who were bloated and covered in these sores. Then I asked God, “But where are the white people?” and he said, “Over there,” and I looked to the left. At first all I saw was what looked like grass waving in the wind, but when my eyes focused I saw they were actually white people with green skin. Except they were only green because of a light that was shining overhead. They were all looking up and wearing what looked like solar eclipse glasses, and their arms were overhead waving from side to side as if worshipping something—the way people tend to move when at concerts and their favorite song comes on. Then I looked up and saw a man with an elongated cranium flying above them. He looked like one of the Egyptians pharaohs, with an elaborate headpiece, and he was flying on something that looked like a dragon. Then the name “Ashtar” came to me, and I came out of the vision.

Immediately after this I googled the name Ashtar and was totally creeped out because he’s considered an extraterrestrial being and is channeled by many people who worship him. From the picture drawn of him I was even more weirded out because he looked like a man who had appeared in a dream I had in 2016. In the dream he was trying to act like he was Jesus and impart all this knowledge like, “when you die you can choose between surrounding your spirit around a loved one or becoming the breath everyone breathes,” which for the record, is total B.S. because our breath comes from God! The dream ended with me becoming a goddess (go figure). But all this happened before I repented of channeling (it was accidental channeling—I thought I was just praying to “the universe” and “the universe” was communicating back—a lie many New Agers fall for).

But I digress. But not too far, because the people who channel this being are typically New Agers, and guess what their philosophy is? That they’ll all become gods and goddesses.

Anyway, my research into the name Ashtar led me down this rabbit hole, and come to find out, there was an Egyptian goddess of love/fertility named Ishtar. And this being can be traced to the Babylonians as well: they sacrificed babies to her and practiced temple prostitution. Also, the Arabian/Akkadian god Ashdar/Athtar was linked to Venus, and so is Ishtar.

This randomly made me look up the Arabian/Akkadian moon god Alla, who was their god of war and violence, and who is potentially the origin of the Islamic god Allah. In looking up Alla, check this out, this Athtar being is also identified as the Arabian god Allat, the female consort of Alla.

Allat was so revered by the Mesopotamians that they called her Um-Uruk, or “mother of the town of Erech,” a city of ancient Iraq. What other connections were there? Well Allat for the Mesopotamians was equal to the Sumerian goddess Inanna, since both were Venus goddesses. Who was Inanna’s consort? A god named Dumuzi, or Tammuz, who was once a king that ruled Erech, or Uruk, and was later deified.

If you research more on Ishtar and Tammuz, they trace down to the Epic of Gilgamesh. And for my Christian friends, Gilgamesh is to the Akkadians what Nimrod is to the Hebrews. They are one and the same. (For those not in the know, Nimrod was an ancient Babylonian king, the first global ruler after Noah’s flood, and believed to be the reason for the second incursion of giants, or “Rephaim,” which was what the great flood was supposed to destroy in the first place). And any coincidence what’s believed to be Gilgamesh’s tomb was discovered back in 2003? That’s what many believe was the real reason for the Iraqi invasion, where U.S. soldiers were sent to plunder the historical places and find manuscripts potentially leading to his body. There’s a bible verse many feel is related to this event: “Wherever the body will be, there will the eagles be gathered” (Matthew 24:28 in direct translation from Aramaic to English).

If you want to go down another rabbit hole, some believe that Nimrod fulfills all the qualifications to be the Anti-Christ. And with all the DNA and cell research being done these days, it won’t be long until we possess the ability to reanimate dead cells or at the least create clones—if it isn’t out there already. If you want to go down ANOTHER rabbit trail, go watch X-Men Apocalypse again now. Or even the new Mummy movie.

It is of no surprise to me that immediately following Matthew 24:28 is a description of the Great Tribulation.

Anyway, what’s really cool (at least to me) about all this is I connected these dots within an hour of having my vision. That definitely shows God’s hand in directing me where to look! Btw, I don’t have the links to the original articles I found back in Sept–hopefully I can update this post with them soon. But it was just super basic Google searching that anyone could do.

Now why did I wait nearly a year to share all this? When I shared this with a friend of mine immediately after all this happened, I was discouraged by her response. But I saved screenshots of my texts to her so I’d remember, knowing I’d eventually have to do this. Then I found out yesterday that there’s what looks like another Ebola outbreak. During the research following my vision, the one picture that completely matched the sores I saw on that little boy was this one of Ebola.

Also, of all the costumes from the Met Gala, Rihanna’s really triggered my memory of the Egyptian-like creature flying around above the people. I know it’s supposed represent the pope’s hat, but that type of headpiece is what I saw the being in my dream wearing.

What do you think of all this? Leave a comment and share!

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